Youth travel hockey program playing out of Winter Garden Ice Arena, Ridgefield, CT and Danbury Ice Arena, Danbury, CT

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The rule regarding secondary school players (grade 9 and up) was amended in the 06-07 season.
Once secondary school players join their secondary school teams, their eligibility to continue with a CHC Youth or Girls team (dual participation) shall be determined by their secondary school's athletic governing body.
Although CHC no longer prohibits players from playing with their secondary school and a CHC member program team, the CIAC (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference), the governing body for all public and most parochial schools in the state, prohibits dual participation. Once a player is rostered on a CIAC member school's BOYS roster at any level (club, JV, Varsity), he/she may no longer participate with any outside hockey program, including any USA Hockey or CHC member teams. This prohibition is in effect until the individual school's final game of the year, including high school state tournaments.
Once a school has completely finished its season, the player may return to his CHC member team, provided that he was not removed from that team's roster. Any player who is removed cannot be added back onto a CHC roster after December 31, 2013. Please note that CIAC prohibition of dual rostering does not apply to GIRLS high school teams, as the CIAC does not recognize Girls Hockey. Girls who play on BOYS high school teams are subject dual participation prohibition. Players should always check with their secondary school coach or athletic director prior to returning to any youth team.