Youth travel hockey program playing out of Winter Garden Ice Arena, Ridgefield, CT

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FitClub Ridgefield
Fit Club, located in the center of Ridgefield, is a 12,000 square-foot hub for fitness and wellness. Our beautiful, light and airy space is newly renovated and transformed. It is the home of trainers, instructors and staff with a sincere commitment to our members. With our unrivaled level of service and choices, we want Fit Club to be the best part of your day.
Squash's Ridgefield Office Supply
Did you know? Squash's is the only retailer of Crane's Fine Stationery in the Ridgefield area? Stop into our retail store, or call for a personal appointment to look at our business and personal correspondence stationery from Crane's.

See Us for:

Custom Printing
Wedding Invitations
Social Occasion Invitations
Graduation Announcements
Custom Place Cards
Custom Printed Napkins
Custom Stamps
Business Cards
Complete Design Services available in our copy shop

389 Main Street ~ Ridgefield, CT 06877
Phone: 203-438-3635 ~ Fax: 203-438-5089
Wesco Sports Center
From humble beginnings to a hockey mecca in Southern Connecticut.

With the support of die-hard fans like you, Wesco has grown to be a trusted and reliable source for all of your ice hockey needs - for close to forty years and counting.

Our commitment to growing and serving you is evident in our vast selection of gear and a 3 room facility dedicated specifically to goaltenders. Our knowledgable sales staff will provide you with a level of service and information that you cannot find anywhere else.

We look forward to serving you both online, as well as in person in our Brookfield, Connecticut store.

And like Denis Leary says, "If we don't have it, it doesn't exist!"

-Doug Mathews and the Wesco Team

Top Shelf Hockey
Top Shelf Hockey maintains a small hockey-focused Pro Shop inside the Winter Garden Ice Arena in Ridgefield, CT. The Pro Shop is set up to service the general needs of the hockey community. Top Shelf prides itself on being the best at sharpening skates in the area. Skate sharpening is guaranteed and consistency is the key to getting the perfect edge. We even sharpen many pro player's skates.

OUR GOAL, as teachers of the game, is to provide a coaching atmosphere that is positive, competitive and motivating, one that challenges a player to take his/her game to a higher level. Our instructors do just that! All of our instructors are highly respected in the hockey community. They are experienced, passionate and motivated to teach the game of hockey.
Prime Burger
Looking for a great burger? Look no further.

We want to be your go to place for high quality fresh burgers in a casual setting. Not in the mood for a burger, we have lots of choices. Don't forget our famous milkshakes and fries!
Prime Taco
Casual eating, freshness and great quality at fair prices from your Ridgefield Prime Team!

The Prime team has always strived to produce great quality foods, but more importantly - great quality experiences for our customers. Ridgefield Prime gave you the best butcher shop, Prime Burger gave you the best burger & now we are doing it again. PRIME TACO, a new addition to the Prime Family.
Ridgefield Prime
Founded in 2008, Ridgefield Prime is an old fashioned gourmet butcher and seafood shop. We're owned and operated by Ridgefield locals. We have no board of directors and we're not listed on NASDAQ (thankfully!!). We're a couple of guys focused on getting down to the meat and fish markets, picking the best that's available, then selling it fresh and at a fair price. We are also serving up tasty prepared meals-to-go for busy families. Incredible catering too.
19 Bailey Ave · (203) 431-2210
Open until 9:00 PM

The SUBWAY® brand is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. We’ve become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meal options that the whole family can enjoy. From the beginning, Fred has had a clear vision for the future of the SUBWAY® brand. As we continue to grow, we are guided by his passion for delighting customers by serving fresh, delicious, sandwiches made-to-order right in front of you.