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Internationally recognized, elite, competitive youth travel hockey in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Home rinks include Winter Garden, Danbury Ice Arena. RAHA provides a path for player growth through coaching and strong player development.

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                             Ridgefield Amateur Hockey Association   
                                                Player’s Code of Conduct

  1.  I will play for FUN and for love of the game.

  2.  Winning is an important goal, but not the most important to me. Winning isn’t everything but trying
       to win through hard work is.

  3.  I understand that when my team wins, we win as a team. When my team loses, we lose as a team.

  4.  I will accept defeat honorably. I will congratulate my opponent for their hard work. I will not hang
       my head or be a poor sport in the face of defeat.

  5.  I will be noble and dignified when victorious. I will congratulate my teammates for their hard
       work. I will not be cocky or arrogant when we win.

  6.  I will work hard to improve my skills. Hard practice work leads to hard game play, which leads to
       good results.

  7.  I will work hard to be the best I can be. Then I’ll strive to be better.

  8.  I will be a team player. I will not be selfish. I will not be a “puck hog” or “one man team”. I
        understand that assists are just as important as goals.

  9.  I will get along with all of my teammates. I will not talk bad about anyone on my team. I will not
       blame any player or goaltender for a bad play or goal.

10.  I will not complain about my fellow teammates. If I have a problem or concern, I will bring it up
        with my coach.

11.  I will not complain about my ice time. I understand that ice time may not be the same for all

12.  I will work hard to learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline.

13.  I will behave and not fool around in the locker room, on the bench, or on the ice.

14.  I will pay attention during practices and games. I will concentrate on all drills and work hard to
        perform them.

15.  I will be on time for practices and games. This means being in the locker room at the times
        specified by my coach.

16.  I will concentrate on getting dressed in time for our chalk talk before all practices and games. I 
        will be ready at least 15 minutes before we go on the ice.

17.  I will try to learn the rules, and always play by them. I will always be a good sport. I will play hard,
        but play clean. I understand that it is more honorable to lose by playing fair than it is to win by

18.  I will respect my coaches, my teammates, my parents, my opponents and the officials.

19.  I will never argue with the official’s decision.

20.  I will work hard in school to keep up my grades. I understand that school comes first.

21.  I will never bully a teammate or opponent, either verbally or physically. I understand that bullying
        includes taunting and excessive teasing, threats, cruel, demeaning and derogatory remarks,
        physical violence, vandalism of personal property, intimidation, and starting rumors, either
        verbally or electronically. I understand that the use of instant messages and social networking sites
        as a means to perpetuate bullying behavior will not be tolerated by RAHA. I will not engage in
        behavior that makes a fellow player feel uncomfortable, afraid or left out.

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