Internationally recognized, elite, competitive youth travel hockey in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Home rinks include Winter Garden, Danbury Ice Arena. RAHA, the home of Lions and Hat Tricks Youth Hockey, an NHL path through coaching, player development.

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Weekend Games 12/4-12/5
by posted 12/01/2021

Our games this weekend are confirmed. Saturday 12/4 2:10pm vs Western at Ridgefield. We will wear white.

Sunday 12/5 11:30 am vs Western at Danbury. We will wear black.

If you plan on attending the holiday party on 12/10 you need to sign up by 12/6.

Next week it looks like we only have 1 team practice for the week on Monday 12/6. Just a heads up.



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Getting to the Net
by posted 10/19/2021

One point I've really tried to drive home for the kids is the need to get to the net.  In order to help reinforce this, I took a look at all the goals scored in the NHL on Saturday and plotted them out on the attached slide.  The pattern is pretty clear - even for NHL players with unbelievably strong and accurate shots, the overwhelming majority of goals are scored from the crease and slot areas.  If they can get there, so can we.


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Coach Gib Video Series, Episode 3
by posted 10/07/2021

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Coach Gib Video Series - Session #1
by posted 09/06/2021

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